About Sari Imber


 I remember sketching the Duomo by his side at the age of eight, peaking over his worn leather sketchbook and trying to copy his lines and shadows as we both made an effort to capture the towering presence of the cathedral before us. As the daughter of a classical architect, I was instilled with a passion for traveling, art, and beautiful design from a very early age. This deep appreciation for detail has led me on many adventures around the world, and ultimately to pursue a career in interior design.

Today, I work as a designer for the award-winning residential design firm Courtney Hill Interiors in Houston. Previously, I worked as a Marketing & Design Assistant for Lucas/Eilers Design Associates, also located in Houston, as well as nationally recognized Atlanta-based designer Beth Webb.

In addition to interior design, I have a passion for writing and editing. My senior year, I was Editor in Chief of Wofford College's on-campus newspaper, The Old Gold and Black, where I was instrumental in launching our first ever website and online presence. Under my leadership, my staff won seven awards in the 2015 South Carolina Press Association Collegiate Competition.

In 2013, I worked with Southern Living to promote the Southern Living Inspired Communities program, and my interview with former Editor in Chief Lindsay Bierman was published as the Editor's Letter in the March 2014 issue of the magazine. 

I'm the architect's daughter. This blog is a place for all things design. So glad you decided to stop by!